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Short Bio: Hi....Friends, Do you like to know something about me. Here goes.. I am Sribalakumaran from Sri Lanka.I was born in Jaffna. Jaffna city is in northern part of Sri Lanka dominated by intellectual Tamil community. I am a grade 11 English medium student of B/Saraswathy central college (Badulla). I have been studying since 1997. Looks: 5'6'', medium brown color, around 48 Kg.. I wouldn't call myself "beautiful" ... I say average looks .. What I like in people: Simplicity, down to earth mind, good heart, understanding, open minded, funny and fun loving at the same time should have a goal in life (career).. , know how to live a life (work wise, family wise, friends..etc). What I hate in people: Looking into status, money. Thinking they are some big shots or something.. Level adikkirathu, insensitive....lying, cheating, What I like to do: Computer work, Tamil Music & Poetry, Chess, Cricket,Football What I don't like to do: Lying on others.....Drinking...Smoking..... Is this details enough for you or need more? Please send your comments to ''