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    Short Bio: I started in the mid 80's as a technology enthusiast and eventually was employed as a computer support technician. My first computer was a CoCo and today I still manage to keep my hands dirty in the high tech industry - very dirty! However, that's NOT my main job anymore. Some might say I am a tech guru but I don't see it that way since I'm always learning. I see a "guru" as someone who already knows it all or at least says they do (and is usually someone to stay away from!).

    Machine: * Athlon X2 Dual core 4200 * 2GB DDR2-800 * 250GB SATA-300 * HP w2207 22-inch wide screen LCD Aux system: * Intel P4 3GHz 800FSB with HT * 1GB DDR400 * 160GB SATA-150 * BenQ T903 LCD Laptop: HP 6130 with 1GB RAM (upgraded)