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Short Bio: To date, there have been no stories of livestock in Canada being contaminated or getting sick with COVID-19 and no identified risk of transmission from livestock to humans. Whereas COVID-19 is believed to have originated from some sort of animal, the danger of catching the illness is better from another human than from a pet, mentioned Simon Otto, a veterinary epidemiologist and assistant professor with the U of A's Faculty of Public Health. Virologist Dr. Sacha Stelzer-Braid, of UNSW Medicine, stated while most individuals had a low threat of catching a zoonotic disease, a current outbreak of "parrot fever" in the Blue Mountains confirmed what could occur when an animal illness spilled over into people. Whereas many people have a low risk of catching a illness from an animal and turning into seriously unwell, Dr. Stelzer-Braid mentioned there have been high-risk groups who were more susceptible. Dr. Stelzer-Braid said in regional areas, the zoonotic diseases of brucellosis and Q Fever were ones which people ought to be aware of. Dr. Stelzer-Braid said folks with psittacosis had flu-like symptoms and have been handled with antibiotics. One other zoonotic disease which may not be readily apparent in the infected animal host-in this case, turtles-but might cause sickness in people, was salmonellosis, Dr. Stelzer-Braid mentioned. In keeping with the general public Health Company of Canada, there may be presently no evidence to counsel that any wild, livestock or pet animal native to Canada harbours the virus that causes COVID-19, nor is there proof that pets or different animals can spread the virus. An ongoing study by the University of Glasgow reveals a direct hyperlink between the results on pets residing in a smoking environment and the next risk of health issues including some animal cancers, cell harm and weight gain. Would you be able to distribute the hyperlink to your members if I share it with you when it is able to release in November? People who are contam