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Short Bio: I am aggressive, I am Honorable, I am impatient with the spoiled and childish, I cannot abide cowardice, I try to see beauty in everything, I will be honest with you at all times, I am brutally honest, I am blunt, I will not tell you what you want to hear, I do not lie, I agree with and believe in capitol punishment, I do not believe in pointing fingers, I take responsibility for my mistakes, I play down my achievements, I do not care what others think of me, I AM I. My work I am a Police Dispatcher (no I am not a cop, I work with and for them) Want to know more ? ask. Fast facts * At the movies I like to see:Horror, Scifi * Last movie seen:I watch too many to list just one. * Music I listen to:Metal * Best album right now:Something Wicked By Iced Earth * Favorite author:H.P. Lovecraft * Last book read:The Rise of Endymion * Best game right now:I play a number of games. * Favorite sports team:None really, though I do "support" the Baltimore Ravens as they are my hometown team * I'm passionate about:Japan, Honor, my Wife * I wish I could:fire everyone currently in office and start over with NO career politicians. * Favorite travel destination:Japan * On my vacation I..:do what I want to do ...... wtf did you expect ?! * If I won 1 million dollars, I would:Pay off any outstanding debts, Buy a house and invest the remainder * If I were a super hero I would:Simply do what I can to help. * Fashion I rather not see again:bell bottoms, anything disco, anything rap. * My worst purchase ever:a Dell computer. (if you bought a dell, you're a sucker)