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Short Bio: <p>Uniting the two ideas is one of Cini&rsquo;s beloved features at Woodland Manor&mdash;intuitive flooring which can be placed beneath various surfaces (such as both equally tile and carpet) to sense falls and notify a caregiver. &ldquo;You may as well set it up so that the lights activate Whenever your ft strike the floor for midnight excursions to the lavatory,&rdquo; she states. Information is held on regional servers but is often shared with remote caregivers and loved ones. &ldquo;In case you discover that your Mother hasn&rsquo;t gotten off the bed for 2 days or is going to the rest room a lot more than normal, it is possible to be notified that she can be off her drugs or incorporates a urinary tract infection,&rdquo; suggests Cini.</p>

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