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Short Bio: I have been a computer geek since I got my first Commador Vic 20 in 1985. By 1987 I was building PC's for friends and began to get into Digital music. In the early 1990'sI began to scan my old film negatives into digital Images and learned how to "fix" problems that made the photos less than perfect. As Digitl cameras became available, I purchased and upgraded until I recently went fully Digital with a Nikon D2h and a Nikon D200 Digital SLRS. I still enjoy Digital music but I also real Rock.

Machine: Dell XPS600 pentium D 840, 500 gig hd(2- 250gig sata raid hd)Nvidia Motherboard w 2 Nvidia FX6800 Pc express SLI Video cards w 250mb ram, soundblaster Extreme sound card w/ Bose 2.1 Surround speakers 1 ded-ram, 1 dvd-rw, 12 in 1 card reader 32"hd mov