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    Short Bio: I am 17 years old, have an IQ of 145, have been published in a photo manuscript (that means I am good :P), graduated High School at an early 16 (that means it was earlier than others, plus it was just a little after I turned 16. So, early that way too.) When I graduated I did so with a GPA of 3.8. So there now you know about me which is what this dumb little box is for I suppose. Don't know why though; no one hardly ever reads these. If you are one that does thumbs up to you. It means your not lazy. And if you got this far then you deserve a award for patience; or stalking. You decide...

    Machine: Galaxy NEXUS, Note 10.1, & HP Pavillion a6010n PC with a RAM boost, Audio Card, & Video Card (oldie but goodie PC)