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Short Bio: I have had a keen interest in electronics since I was a kid. I used to repair old radios and TV's when I was a teenager and developed a hobby in audio at the start of the "stereo" era. I started my adult life as a high school math teacher, spent half a year as a high fidelity audio salesman and went back to teaching for another 8 years. I purchased my first computer in 1975, an Ohio Scientific, and learned to program in BASIC, using a TV for a monitor and a cassette deck for storage. I have been a Technology Director for k-12 schools for over 25 years and am now retired.

Machine: AMD Athlon 64x2-4600,ASUS mobo, 2GB RAM, 300GB SATA RAID 5, DVD 18x burner, Nvidia graphics. AMD Athlon 64-3800, ASUS mobo, 2GB RAM, 150 GB SATA, DVD 18x burner Pentium II - 266, 384MB RAM, 54x CD burner, ATI graphics card running Linux.