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    Short Bio: Hit and run driver ended my university education and left me with a titanium hip joint, this op. left my feet nerves on fire thus SSI disable. Play desktop pc games and 24 hr. TV viewing with some websurfing thrown in. Once every 4 weeks go to the doctor same day go shopping using those elec. carts (FUN). Ride recombinant bike for exercise, hermit the rest of the month. This is why I hate inattentive drivers, this assumes the driver who hit me did so accidentally. This occurred on 12-17-77 Friday night after finals, woke up with a pin in my leg, held in traction for 41 days. I guess I'm a poster child for MADD. My life as I knew it ended 16 days before my 20th birthday. But I think I have a healthy outlook on my life, again assuming the accident was an accident, I feel no ill will towards the driver, even though the person got out and ran away instead of rendering aid. When that 72 Cady Eldorado hit my 71 Toyota Celica it must have looked like we (4 passengers) were dead, faced with that I don't know if I would have hung around either. Anyway you can't change the past, but when I get in my time travel machine I will go back and never leave Hawaii to go to a mainland school, I'd join the US Air Force and invest in Microsoft, Google, be rich and not get fat. 5'9"-220lb. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY. My bio...

    Tech Interests: Televisions, Car Tech, Software and Apps, Games and gear, Latest tech news, Community

    Os: Windows

    Machine: CyberpowerPC: MB:Gigabyte 970A-DS3P/CPU: FX-8350/GPU: MSI R9 290/CASE: Zalman Z3 Plus/PWR: Thermaltake TP 750W/RAM: Corsair Veng. 1866MHz (2x4GB)/HD: WD BLK1TB/COOLING: Asetek 550LC 120mm, 4-120mm case fans. Also have a ZOTAC GTX 970 that I switch out for fun. Oh yea the avatar is an old system a AZZA case totally gutted.