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Short Bio: I am a father of 3 and married for 19 years. I have been working with computers for 14 years, looking at a teaching job at our local college. I use Gimp to design graphics for web pages, software, and others. I have created numerous icons and banners, MBAM icon was one of them. My usual hang outs are tech sites. I also have some electronics background, love computer games when have time, like free software browsing, like testing software whether just to test or to see if it has hidden agendas.

Machine: Homebuilt, 8 gigs Gskill DDR2 800, quad core Phenom II Black Deneb, Asus board, HD2600 ATI 512 gpu, 500W thermaltake psu, NZXT black\blue case, 1 tb Hitachi sata drive, sata lighton \lightscribe DVD drive, 23 in hanns-g monitor, Z-2300 200w Logitech speaker system