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Short Bio: Co-founded my fourth company, nCrypted Cloud in July of 2012, raising a seed round of over $2.25M from Angel investors. Several investors hold (or held) top executive roles at Cisco, Microsoft, Broadcom, Space-X, TD Ameritrade, and TCW. Previous investments for the group include successful companies such as Square, Pinterest, Arista Networks, tango.me and others. My passion is building, leading and motivating great teams, by recruiting the smartest, most highly motivated and passionate people around, to build companies that deliver solutions that people can't live without! Past accomplishments at three previous startups had the following financial results: one home run (Phase Forward, $280M IPO FY2004, $1.2B Peak Value FY2007, $685M Oracle Acquisition 2010), one bust (Amulet), and one with the jury out, but significant potential (Verdasys).

Machine: Lenovo X230, MacBook Pro 13