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    Short Bio: Iam a 50 year old married father of two ! I have a 13 year old girl which I keep locked up in a cage, just kidding (she is beautiful,big green eyes already 5"6" tall ,with long dark hair ,Iam 100% Italian ,mother is 100% Greek) My 11 year old son a vey handsome boy is a sports nut ,and a honor role student ,he is very fast on his feet,plays baseball and tackel football ,last season he was one of the highest scoring running backs ! I've been working the same job since 1985,a family owned bis.

    Machine: Dell XPS40 2.8 Gig DualCore Proccessor, 3 G.B.'s of DDR2 RAM , ATI RADEON Graphic's PCI-Express ,ATI TV Wonder Elite PCI, 19"FP monitor, 250G.B. internial Samsung H.D.SATA and externial 320G.B.-H.D.USB,3piece speaker system ,7 channel Stigma-Tel,