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    Short Bio: Male, Age: 75, Santa Clara and Lake Tahoe, CA About Me: Democrat for over 50 years... now VERY ashamed of what the party has become... WAY too Socialist... no personal responsibility or accountability. Scientist, well educated (BSEE & MSEE Stanford, 286 post-MS units on Stanford Honors Co-op Program), Electronic Systems Consultant for advanced commercial, military, and aerospace systems. >40 years of RDT&E (Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation). 42 invention disclosures and several patents. Worldwide lecturer on high-speed digital design and designing for Electromagnetic Compatibility (10 countries). Published and presented multiple papers on electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic interference design techniques. United Technologies EE Manager at Cape Canaveral for Titan III C,D,E space launch boosters. System Engineering Manager for ARI for integration of USAF Worldwide Satellite Communication System. Established feasibility for radio-tracking of Grizzly bears (written up in National Geographic, helped start the animal tracking industry). Small business Owner and Principal Consultant for 24 years, now retired. Love Capitalism and competition of most any sort. Detest Socialism, Unions, Communism, or any other system that holds back thinkers and achievers while fostering mediocrity at all levels. America is better than that! Outdoorsman, photography buff, competent fly fisherman, active contributor to ecology/preservation.

    Machine: Sony VAIO, i7 quad processor