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    Short Bio: I've been tinkering with electronics ever since the age of six. My first computer had no operating system but it was interesting to see how it worked. It was an old Intel 486. By the time I was 9, my first website was up and continues to run to this day. I do freelance work as a Technolgoy consultant as well as Freelance Journalism and in my spare time, do basically anything I can do with my computer to try to get it to run better or just screw around with it.

    Machine: System 1: PentiumIII 733 MHz 384MB RAM 10.2 GB HDD 20 GB HDD 10.2 GB HDD STB BlackMagic Voodoo2 12MB (PCI) onBoard Intel 82810E 32MB 2: Celeron 533 MHz onBoard Intel 82810 32MB NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 16MB (PCI) 20 GB HDD 40 GB HDD 256RAM