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Short Bio: I don't know how to update you on my life so far. Whatever I put about myself will probably sound conceded. Isn't that how it is whenever someone writes anything about themselves. Well I am currently married to my wife Lucia, since 2001 and our first baby was born January 11, 2008(check out her birthday video below). I worked at channel 4 as an editor and supervisor for 7 years. I opened a restaurant here in Doral. A franchise. I've been saved since 1997. I gave my life to the Lord while in college. I minored in Biblical studies, Theater and Computer Science and majored in Film and Video production. I met my wife at my church 3 years later. I live in Cutler Bay. I can't complain. God is good. That's my life since South Miami High in a nut shell. Before that I worked as a web designer to put myself threw college. I worked at Publix for 700 years and I barely graduated from High School. I don't know how I got my bachelor's degree.