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Short Bio: I'm an "idea outlet"-suppressed individual who tend to work alone and has lowly socializing skills. I love helping others, especially if it's related to computers and computer-driven tasks, but half of the times I get easily distracted (so there goes my passion to teach OTL). My definition of myself changes everytime as well.

Tech Interests: Cell Phones, Televisions, Tablets, Laptops, Home theater and audio, Software and Apps, Games and gear, Security, Deals, Events and announcements

Os: Windows, iOS, Android

Machine: Desktop(2008) Core2Duo 8GBRAM Family Laptop (Z500): i7 3rdGen 8GBRAM Personal Laptop (2015,GE62 2QD): i7-5700 12GBRAM Desktop(2016): i5-6600K 16GBRAM