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    Short Bio: Weldor: C/I, Alum, D/I, Brass, Copper, All Steels, Lead. Machinist, AC/DC Electrician, Confine Space Instuctor and Calibration Detector Repairman, Forklift Licence instructor, CDL instructor, Small and Large Engine Repman. Building and Garage repmn. From 1981-84 Pro Rally Crew Chief for Oldsmobile's Light Performance Work's Oldsmobile

    Machine: 2001 Gateway Tower,PC III, Celeron 1.9, 512 Mb Ram, 80 G. HD, ATI Radion 256 Graphics Video, HP 52 CD/Burner,HP 5200 Scanjet Scanner, Altec Stereo w/ base, Epson (old reliable) 440 Stylus and a back up HP Deckjet 712c, Sony MDR-CD180 Headset