Lee Koo CNET Staff

Location: San Francisco

Occupation: Community manager / CNET

Member Since: June 9, 2003


A little about me

Short Bio: Born & raised in the S.F. Bay Area (Go Giants, Warriors, Niners, & Sharks!) I'm blessed with a wonderful wife, three beautiful kids, and a loyal dog. Most of my free time is spent with my family, keeping up and staying in tune with my kids and raising them to hopefully one day be good and respectable people. I love the outdoors--love to fish, kayak, and camp. I love reading survival books & learning to live off the land. On the flipside, I love electronic gadgets also. I'm into cars & anything with a motor that goes fast! Love to tinker & fixing things myself (DIY home repairs.) I love watching the TV show "How it's made", playing Texas hold'em, helping others, hanging out with friends, good eats especially spicy foods, aquariums, tropical islands, & discovering & learning new things in life. My goal in life is to enjoy life to its fullest, be humble--live long enough to see my grand kids, and do something daily that will make a positive difference in the world or someone else's life. My CNET staff Q&A: https://www.cnet.com/news/get-to-know-the-cnet-family-q-a-with-lee-koo/

Os: Windows, Mac OS X, Chrome, iOS, Android

Machine: HP desktop, HP laptop, ASUS laptop, Samsung Chrome Book, iPad, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab