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Short Bio: Entrepreneur Passionate about profitable internet business, SEO, Social Media, lead generation, Blogging, F1 & Martial Arts. Loves puppies and kittens. An avid History Fact checker. Be warned I trust but verify. I live in the business school of hard knocks everyday performing internet services of Blogging, SEO, Social media and Internet Marketing. Other specialties of mine are Search engine placement with the Hope of high ranking on first 2 pages, ROI, Accounting Auditing, Inventory Auditing, Software Quality Control, Data Mining and Customer Lead Generation. I get the biggest charge when the plan comes together and I can get a high ranking for a website. Have sold blogs before when the price is right. Maintain several blogs and websites with niche topics and products. Other things about me: Fifth Degree Black Belt in Hard style Japanese Karate. Have owned a Karate business. This close to owning a golf course. A paid professional blogger since 2006. Part of the International Who's Who in Information Technology 1996-2004 2006-2008. 2005 I forgot to fill out the paperwork. After 2008 I got too busy to remember to fill out the paper work. Started working professionally in SEO since 2003.