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Short Bio: High Security Safe & Vault Engineer: 1. Specializing in opening locked-up High Security Safes/Vaults (UL Listed TRTL 30X 6 & above - Chubb - Tann - Kaso - to name a few, including ALL US made units) due to attempted unsuccessful burglaries & if possible repairing the units back to it's original or enhancing the security above & beyond it original condition. 2. Opening/Repair units due to lost combinations, keys or end user errors (attempting to change their own combos, setting or damaging Time Locks, lost or damaged keys - bits - staffs, programming errors, etc.) on mechanical, electronic or software driven system 3. Opening/Repairing units that were damaged by unqualified or untrained personnel attempting to repair or service the units. 4. Opening locked up safes or vaults surreptitiously by manipulation - only if the unit does not employ a design to deter such a procedure. 5. Forensic Investigations of methodology, tools and determine the adroitness of the facilitator in the execution of the particular investigation. 6. Design & Installation of electronic surveillance device, hidden & exposed.

Machine: HP & Dell