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Short Bio: You can see where you depend on the Leaderboards at the end of the Faction Wars menu. You'll obtain a particular quantity of soul pieces after each fight-- the more points you gain, the even more pieces you'll obtain. You can boost the variety of souls won after a battle by furnishing particular boosts to your equipment. If you're playing the tower, make sure you make use of consumables that approve you more souls. Certain towers will award you with pieces for completing them, so make certain you check what gets on deal daily. This brand-new mode will check your might in a whole new means, calling for a varied personality kollection and competent kombatants to clear. If you can't see the current Obstacle, attempting clicking into a game setting from the Main Menu, and after that going back. If that still does not function make sure to update your OS, inspect the app store for updates to the game, shut the app, clear your cache, and also attempt again.

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