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    Short Bio: Computer and ham radio hobbyist

    Tech Interests: Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, Tablets, Laptops, Car Tech, Home theater and audio, Software and Apps, How to Tech, Microsoft news and products, Google news and products, Security, Latest tech news

    Os: Windows

    Machine: I finally grew out of having to have my own web server. The cloud is so much better. We have 10 computers around the house. Most are older machines with the oldest still on WinXP. Four are still using Win7. Two have Win 8.1 and I have 3 Win 10 machines. Win10 upgrades are rocky here. One of the Win 7 boxes went to Win10 only to be rolled back to Win7 because of issues with incompatibilities. However ham radio is still an addiction after 40+ years. I have just added music (playing acoustic guitar) as another addiction. I have an Ibanez acoustic bass and a Takamine 6 string acoustic. I switch back and forth. Thank you Guitars4Vets.org (local chapter here is Grand Rapids, MI) for getting me started. I installed Rocksmith 2014 on my newest Win 10 laptop and am really having fun with the guitars.