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Short Bio: I own a business in Atlanta called John Riley IT( I have a Dell Precision 870 with a 2.06 Quad Core Xeon Proccessor, 4 Gigabytes RAM, 146 (X2, RAID 5) GB Hard Drive, Windows Vista Ultimate, Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise, and 2 Samsung 225BW monitors. In my office, I have a HP Laserjet printer and surround sound that goes through my whole house system.

Machine: Dell Precision 870 -Intel Xeon Quad Core @ 2.06 GHz per core -4 GB Ram -146 (x2, RAID 5) Hard drive -Windows Vista Ultimate, Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise -2x Samsung 225BW -HP Laserjet -5.1 Dolby Surround -Home Automation/Home Theater