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Short Bio: It’s hard to be far away from the place or people you care about, and not be able to just take a plane and leave. That is what our founder discovered first hand, as a flight paramedic onboard air ambulances and commercial flights. There are so many unique stories about the desire to connect with loved ones, or to take an opportunity against all odds, followed by the frustration of depending on someone else. It soon became a passion to help people step over those obstacles that were keeping them from taking a flight to their destination. More often than not, all it took was dedication and professional expertise in providing a high standard of care in the flight environment. The idea was born to build up a service that would focus on taking care of people while they are flying from point A to point B. Fast forward a few years, and we now have a mixed team of experienced nurses, paramedics and doctors who combine their regular jobs with travel missions within Canada and around the globe. Each one of us adds a unique building block to what Jet Companion is today.