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Short Bio: Hi everyone. My name is Charlie and I have a small business doing computer sales and service. I started working with computers in 1980, and my Mom was one of the first female programmers in the U.S.A. Her interest in computers rubbed off on me and the rest is history. My first computer was a tiny little computer made by Timex/Sinclair. It had 2KB of memory, required a black and white TV for a monitor using an adapter, and a cassette tape recorder to load and run programs. I upgraded in 1981 to a Texas Instruments TI99/A, and later to an original IBM PC with a whopping 20MB hard drive and a 5 1/4 inch floppy. At that time this was the "Bees Knees"!!! It had a blazing 8MHz CPU and if you wanted a math co-processor you had to pay extra. I learned programming in Fortran, Assembly Language, Cobol, and BASIC. By 1985 I was teaching Computer Programming for Central Texas College. I've really enjoyed learning about computing from the ground up approach (i.e. IBM Keypunch Cards for Batch Processing) to what today is the largest industry in the world (That is if you consider every cell phone, PDA, computer, Touchpad, Ipod, and every piece of software in use today). In 1973 I was in the Military stationed in Stuttgart, Germany. A friend and I were recording record albums to a tape deck and I remember telling him that one day, all music would be available in a chip no bigger then your thumbnail. Ain't it somethin????

Machine: Intel P4 3.0 3GB