Name: Howard Forman

Location: Westminster, CA, US

Occupation: Sr. Systems Consultant (forcibly retired)

Member Since: February 16, 2002

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Short Bio: I have been working with computers since 1967 (yes, over 50 years) and got into networking in the early part of the 1980s. Before that, I was a data communication and mainframe expert, working with Univac (Unisys) computer systems. I have worked with desktops from the early days when a Radio Shack TRS-80 was the first computer a person could go out and buy and have worked on Novell and Microsoft Servers up to current times. I have worked in Data Security since the days of MS-DOS and more-so after 9-11, My first Internet experience was hooking up a Unisys mainframe to it back in the 1980's working through a DCP Front-end communications box. I have just been forced into retirement in 2014 but I try very hard to stay current. I was a systems administrator in several departments in County government and have worked on data security committees for an entire county. My girlfriend and I were both data security professionals until her passing in December of 2016.

Tech Interests: Cell Phones, Deals, Home theater and audio, Smart Appliances, Car Tech, How to Tech, Apple news and products, Google news and products

Os: Windows, iOS

Machine: I finally broke down and bought a new computer (Dell Inspiron 3650) with Win 10 Pro to go along with my two XP machines. This is because my usual tax software items won't run on XP SP3 anymore. Since my girlfriend of 25 years died, I've taken over her side of the desk. I also have an (old) iPhone 5 running IOS 10. The XP machines are a Dell Dimension e510 and an ACER netbook (Aspire One). Of course I have three or four Tivo's running here and they are kind of LINUX but I don't get involved in the internals of those. You can't back up and recover them without special assistance.