Name: Howard Forman

Location: Westminster, CA, US

Occupation: Sr. Systems Consultant

Member Since: February 16, 2002

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Short Bio: I have been working with computers since 1967 and got into networking in the early part of the 1980s. Before that, I was a data communication and mainframe expert, working with Univac (Unisys) computer systems. I have worked with desktops from the early days when a Radio Shack TRS-80 was the first computer a person could go out and buy and have worked on Novell and Microsoft Servers up to current times. I have worked in Data Security since the days of MS-DOS and more-so after 9-11, My first Internet experience was hooking up a Unisys mainframe to it back in the 1980's working through a DCP Front-end communications box. I have just been forced into retirement in 2014 but I try very hard to stay current. I was a systems administrator in several departments in County government and have worked on data security committees for the entire county.

Tech Interests: Smart Appliances, Cell Phones, Televisions, Digital Cameras, Car Tech, Software and Apps, Security, Community

Os: Windows, iOS, BlackBerry OS

Machine: Unisys mainframe, Oh, you mean this little thing on my desk: Dell 550 mhz Pentium III running Windows XP SP3. I miss my old 386 computer that had a Stacker Co-Processor and could beat the pants... OK, I do need to run out and buy a new computer and a new car. I need lots of stuff.