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Short Bio: I'm a 60 year-old Vietnam Vet. I have two adult children, and two lovely granddaughters. I was in the Restaurant and Tavern Biz. for 38 years, injured my back in 2004, and am doing this job in return for rent, while awaiting disability claims. I've been interested in computers since 1966, when I learned the US Navy's early computer system. One of my brothers-in-law has headed up such University programs as Indiana University's Wrubel Computing Center(1970's), Cornell U's IT Department (1980's), and is presently Vice President in charge of all media at Georgetown U., so I've been a witness to all the progress and advances in computers and software for decades.

Machine: This Computer = Intel Celeron D CPU, 3.56 GHz, 1004 MB of RAM,165 Gig hard drive + 80 gig hard drive archive. One of several PC's I use.