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Short Bio: I am a "whole-brain" person. I am an artist, and I am a gadget-fan. I am a car enthusiast and I like to cook. I am into learning new and exciting things. I have always worked with technology-even as PC sales person during college. I have been in the IT world professionally for almost 7 years. I have been a tech-support specialist, a LAN administrator, a Microsoft Certified Trainer.. I am a realist. I love gadgets but I DESPISE Hype of any kind. Just like in life, actions "speak".

Tech Interests: Televisions, Digital Cameras, Laptops, Car Tech, Home theater and audio, Software and Apps, How to Tech

Os: Windows, Linux, Android

Machine: Home-built Atlon64 2800+, 1.5GB RAM, 700GB total HD volume, 2 DVD/RW, Geforce 7600GT, 10-in-1 Media card reader, TV tuner, Audigy 2ZS. With a 20" CRT and 5.1 THX speakers on a WiFi network.