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    Short Bio: I work full time, buy leading edge but research carefully before buying. I use the net hours every day to research. My latest "toys" are a tricked out new Silverado 2500 with Duramax diesel, a 64 GB IPOD (multimedia) a 50" Samsung DLP, a progressive HD DVD, 64 bit AMD at 3.8 GH (built the system big deal) and about every other new hitech thing around. I will die broke but happy. Degrees are in sciences, psychology and business at undergrad and grad levels. Hence the research.

    Machine: Work: 3.8 GB pentium on a major server system, laptop and PDA/phone/camera/etc.Home: Network with cat 5 wired AMD 64 bit, 32 bit and Intel sytems plus wireless amd 64 bit laptop. I upgrade and build new every year or so.