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Short Bio: I have been working with computers since I got my first MSX when I was about 7, I also used a C64 for a short time but usually ended up going back to the MSX. After this I then got a ZX Spectrum, which despite the graphics not being as good as a C64 it was far more enjoyable to use. From Spectrum I went to Amiga (both the Spectrum and Amiga are two of the best computers ever made), and then made one big mistake, I bought a PC. My first PC was a 286, had Apple Macs not been so expensive at the time I'd have gone with Apple Mac as the chips in Macs were the same as Amigas (Motorola 68xxx series). I then went to Uni to study a HND in Software Engineering, and bought another PC, a 486. I now own a custom built PC, along with an Apple Mac (although I have no OS for the Mac yet...). A few years ago I also discovered I have Asperger's Syndrome. At school I was told I had ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and that I'd outgrow it. I later found out I have not outgrown ADHD, and also have Asperger's on top of this. Recently I have started my own PC repair business and web design in Warrington, with the help of New Deal for Disabled people scheme. I called the business Axiam PC Repair.

Tech Interests: Apple news and products, Google news and products, How to Tech, Cell Phones, Security, Smart Appliances

Machine: Custom Built.