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Short Bio: Victim of cyber crimes turned Malware/Spyware analyst, computer forensics and digital investigator. My investigation into cyber attacks on my computers, networks, servers and web servers has lead to to the Department of Education ip address and government cyber criminals that boots my computers from a remote malware server with a Trojan horse connection from a remote Unix server. As a victim of cyber crimes since 2001, I have traced the cyber stalker and cyber bully to US government agencies such as the Department of Education. The Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation under the Ticket to Work Program are also cyber criminals enlisted by the perpetrator. At this time all of my computer systems boot to a malware server of the Department of Education. For the past 12 years the department education cyber bullies are determinined to stop my rights to an education, freedom of speech and they continue to cyber stalk and cyber bully all computer systems, networks and server and enlisting others such as the DETR, Internet service providers and others to continue their cyber-stalking activities. All ISP software is tainted with worms and Trojan horse connection, upon installation all firewalls are disabled by default, you also agree to cyber crimes by accepting the Windows spyware remote EULA upon installation. You computer is automatically connected to a web from or VPN (Virtual Private Network) of a hackers.

Machine: will not reveal due to cybercrimes