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Short Bio: A couple of years ago, I was living in a house full of people who knew NOTHING of a computer - except how to get malware off game and porn sites. I knew how to operate the computer and that was about it. Guess who's job it became to fix the mess every time. All I knew was AVG and standard Windows cleaning utilities. A Friend pointed me to CNET to get Malwarebytes and I saw all the cool aps on here. Pretty much anything I could possibly need to keep that shiny new computer running like one - even in a house full of porn addicts LOL. Well then it became a hobby. Now I'm a tweak freak and have tried many, many different softwares for optimizing, tweaking, maximizing space, everything that could come with becoming a tech. I still consider myself just a hack, but I enjoy doing it. I have my own system now. It runs almost perfectly, and their's crashed.