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    Short Bio: I retired 14 years ago from my own Company Business after serving Armidale and District for 40 years. My Company was a Major Supplier of Industrial/Automotive and Agricultural Spare Parts together with the Serving/Maintaining my clients Equipment and Motor Cars ! In those days we used a Computer Equipment at a Cost $46,000.00 AUD = today we would purchase same for around $10,000.00 AUD. The computer programming was in DOS which we used to direct Invoice that at the same time adjusted our Inventory. Plus together of Accounts Payable entries which processed my General Ledger. With this computer at each weekend I was able to access my company's profitability. To day we can have this information immediately by pressing a key?

    Machine: Mother Board = GIGABYTE GA-81915PC-DUO S775,ATX,FS800,PCIEx16,DUALDDRII600hz/ 800 FSB, LAN Graphics Card = MSI NVIDIA GEFORCE NX6600-TD 256MB PCIE TVO, DVI Network Card = Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010 PCI Ethernet Controller =