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Short Bio: I am like an EMP to everything tech related! didn't use to be, but now I'd pay thousands for someone to just come fix my house-which MUST be on a computer graveyard! I've wasted two+ years trying every suggestion, tip, "cure" from Microsoft, to random "famous" bloggers and all my (6) computers are crippled in one way or another, all different, and ever changing! (And the 6 printers are joining the conspiracy too!) None really bad enough to throw away.... But now...I am willing to do that - buy all new everything, for me and my two teens - if I can just get them to open and copy everything to a Seagate external HD- without problems and in less than two days - each computer! Yes, I am technology handicapped, becoming WORSE, but still reading everything I can to try to get better! Oh, and I think Goole (Alphabet), with Microsoft trying so hard to be hot on their heals, is heading us towards Skynet as fast as they can! But the millennials don't care - if it makes things easier and "safer"!

Tech Interests: Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, Laptops, Home theater and audio, How to Tech, Security, Deals

Os: Windows, Linux, BlackBerry OS