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Short Bio: I AM AN ARTIST-of all media: painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, jewelry designer, fashion, bookbinding...etc and what I most specially do for a living is graphic design & I design & edit publications for the Public Relations department of a University. I love art- I love to look at art-I feel like I can never get enough & when something is just so aesthetically beautiful and/or so deeply expressive, I feel like I almost can't take it- like my emotions and my senses are over-stimulated to the point that I just don't know what to do with it all and what to do with myself- except cry! dramatic-i know. But I do - it is true - I cry... similarly when I am presented with something- a kitten- or my cats, Mitzi & Binkies- that is just so cute that i, again, can't take how much i love them- but in this case i just squeeze & hug & keep kissing them! I LOVE ANIMALS, although there is an EXTRA special place in my heart for felines - big wild cats & small domestic- i also care for a group of feral cats. I LOVE MATH & SCIENCE - yes! i am somehow equal parts right & left brained - logical but a dreamer- skeptical but imaginative- it is quite hard to ever feel fully satisfied- i am also excessive with everything - i need instant gratification - i want the world & i want it ... now- no, yesterday =^._.^=

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