Name: Erik Nielsen

Occupation: Retired

Member Since: April 5, 2014


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Short Bio: My name is Erik Nielsen and I have been working with computers for the past 20 years both on the software side where I have created programs and utilities in languages such as C++, Borland Builder, PHP and Perl, but also helping develop and test new hardware. At the age of 62 I retired but computers and software are still my hobby which I will enjoy for as long as it's possible. I live with my wife in a small country called Denmark, got 4 kids and no pets. I enjoy reading and traveling. Before retiring I was working at a place called Kvali Vinduer, mainly on the 2 main products Dannebrogsvindue and Bondehusvindue which is a special type of windows. Before that I worked as a project manager in a small software company that no longer exists due to the financial crisis and we all had to find something else to do. Now I Just enjoy life, my friends and family.

Tech Interests: Digital Cameras, Tablets, Laptops, Car Tech, Software and Apps, Google news and products, Latest tech news

Os: Windows, Linux, Chrome, iOS, Android, Other

Machine: 1 Desktop PC running windows for everyday uses. 1 Desktop PC running linux to test local perl and php scripts. 1 Ipad 3 tablet for browsing in bed. 1 HP Laptop for travelling. These are the specs for my main computer: Intel I7 3400@4600 16 GB G.skill Trident X PC-1866 RAM 1 Samsung 256GB SDD ATI Radeon 6970 video card Asus p8p67 motherboard. Logitech Keyword and Mouse Dell 30'' Monitor Running Windows 7 64bit Lian Li case with Perl Logo