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Short Bio: Origin: 1st breath of O2 gulped in shadow of Fermi's favorite squash court. Was reared, and spent my formative years daydreaming, cloud watching, and frog catching as I roamed and foraged in and around the rolling prairielands, farm lands, oak woodlands, quaking tamarack bog marshlands of the area formed by the southernmost reaches of the Wisconsin Glacier, and the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. Ruler wielding nuns imparted my early, primary education to me in between recesses. The holy Sisters helped forge and solidify my Nabisco Shredded Wheat fueled, Comanche Warrior *Straight Arrow* core principles via the Whack-A-Ruler On Knuckles Method. They made sure I had Fun Working And Playing With Dick And Jane, saw Spot run, said my prayers, and made good and contrite confessions. Less useful Publick Edjakashun followed that formed the launch pad for my 3-2-1-Ignition --- Houston, We Have A Lift Off from Dog Patch. This enlightening event transformed me into an INFO-TECH/COMM-ELEX Sys-Pro. I went on to fight the global Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Information Cold War to protect against the insidious effects of the Falling Dominos Principle, and intrusion of Communism and Socialism on the American way of life and culture. Uncle Ronnie and I made old Gorbie blink first in Reykjavik to finally win it, and bring down that Wall.

Machine: Dell XPS P4 3.6GHz with multiple Hard Drives and assorted Bells & Whistles.