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    Short Bio: I used to install and troubleshoot Home Theater systems, CCTV and Home Networking. Wanted to open own business in NY, but do not even know where to start so I just moved on. Now I enjoy this on the side and rather keep all this good stuff as a hobby than a job. I currently have: Sony LCD 40' XBR4, Panasonic Plasma 58' V10 and a Samsung LCD-LED UN55ES8000F. 1st Generation Blu-Ray, XBOX 360 and Verizon Fios HD. My 5.1 Surround Sound need to be completely replaced from head to toe. It is currently an old BOSE system from 2006/2007 and does it job in a 10x10 room which I sit 7 feet from the TV. Will replace with high end equipment eventually. I also use a Monster Power HDP-2500 for a power distribution.