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Short Bio: Nokia C30 Mini Java / Lenovo C30mini Java - Repair It With Secret Service Codes! I have a Chinese phone Nokia C30mini java : it is also called Lenovo C30 mini , but in reality it is - MORE C30 mini :-P Code *#002# for FULL FACTORY RESET - cured my phone from reboots and other nasty glitches! Here is the list of working codes for cheap (<$25 at AliExpress) dual-sim noname phones with camera and bluetooth - they often have Coolsand rda8851a / Coolsand CT8851A CPU. Secret codes should be entered at the home screen of phone: *#002# - FULL FACTORY RESET *#87# and *#88# - Phone Test *#06# - show IMEI of phone *#8375# and *#8376# - Software/Hardware Info *#3641# - Engineer mode. If you are changing hidden settings, do it wise. *#3696# - Firmware USB update mode. Don't install wrong firmware!

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Machine: C30 MINI INFORMATION: 1) SOFTWARE: [VERSION] HF713_32_JHT_F11_BT_FM_F11_PA_V1.28_130327_PATCH1020 . [BRANCH] MT6253_GEMINI ... 2) HARDWARE: [TGT] HF713_8851A_3216_QQVGA . [ASIC] 8809 . [DIE] 8809 (0x6) . [PKG] CT8851A . [RFPA] pasw_rda6625 . [FLSH] flsh_spi32m . [LCD] ili9163c . [CAM] gc6113 . [BT] rdabt_8809 . [FM] rdafm_8809