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    Short Bio: Brian McGuane brings to clients over fifteen years of experience in the investment field and was among the first to recognize the unique potential of the Life Settlement industry. Brian earned his series 7 securities broker?s license in 1991 and opened his own OSJ (independent securities office) in 1995 with accounts held by Raymond James. In that endeavor he oversaw ten series 7 licensed securities brokers and managed $50 million in individual stock portfolios for approximately 100 clients. In 1999 Brian moved his focus to the Life Settlement industry and established a company in Charlotte, NC offering these newly developed investments to individuals and small institutions. His company grew to serve 500 clients and employ 11 agents. Identifying enhanced opportunities with institutional clients, international markets and the life settlement and premium finance markets, Brian moved his company to Southern California in 2002. Since that time he has built a solid and prospering business assisting clients with innovative applications of Life Settlement investments and financing. In addition to working with individual and institutional investors, Brian?s company has expanded to serve international clients with both governmental and private funding sources in Taiwan, London, Netherlands and Cypress. He has prospered in his endeavors because each is built upon the bedrock values of integrity, market knowledge, and respect for his clients.