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    Short Bio: Hi my name is Iain MacSween founder of, if you are anything like me you will distrust Insurance companies. You will distrust insurance companies, banks and politicians. Time and time again we put our trust in these people only to have that trust abused. But what can you do? Well you can fight back, the Internet is a great leveller, where individuals can take on multinational companies and win. Review sites are increasingly becoming seen as a way to keep companies who are abusing their customers in check. Black Box Insurance is the future of motoring, whether you like it or not Black Box Insurance will grow, it will take over the UK insurance market and you will eventually have no choice whether or not you have a Black Box Insurance policy. If you want information is the best place for up-to-date news, reviews, facts, figures and information about black box insurance and no nonsense independent reviews of the Top Ten Black Box Insurance Providers. What is Black Box Insurance? - Your questions answered here. Have an opinion on black box insurance? - Take a survey, vote in our polls have your say, leave a review. The aim of this site is to keep you up to date on the latest information, give you a place to air your views, let you see what others are thinking via our polls. Should you choose to purchase black box insurance, a place where you can get an unbiased review of the latest providers.