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Short Bio: Digital Media and Publishing Pioneer: One of the first sports bloggers to given official team and locker-room access for a professional sports team. I am a published blogger/writer, with my own column on CBS New York/WFAN: I have been featured in the Huffington Post from front page, sports page, technology, 9/11 anniversary, and Olympic hockey. I have held numerous capacities in the publishing/technology field on the cusp of change and technology. Successfully on-boarded major publishers workflow files for the Barnes & Noble digital tablet device ENCORE PROJECT: which is the NOOK Color device launch in November of 2010 using my vast publishing experience, PDF workflow and magazine publishing know-how. My other publishing work ranges from Senior Designer to assisting the production of one of the United States first publishing ventures with China. I have done everything from design web interfaces for a international audience, to design a logo for use on a NASCAR car. I have designed and/or Project Managed: website look and feels, commercial graphics, posters, direct mail, flash presentations, HTML newsletters, web content updates, editorial content, blogs, logos, graphics, and much more.

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