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Short Bio: To start I'm a windows fan, but I can admit that Mac software is the bomb (except for Itunes). Apple, however is a lame company that only appeals to people who think they are too cool for everyone else. I'm a Firefox/Internet Explorer 9 user and will occasionally resort to using Opera. OpenOffice saved my life 2 years ago and is the BEST free office productivity suite, but eventually I had to say goodbye when Office 2010 came round. Also I consider myself a semi-audiophile, but I don't need OGG or FLAC music just a good pair of head phones like Monster Turbine Pros and any MP3 file over 192 kbps. Lastly I built my own computer computer a few months ago and I'm damn proud of it because I saved myself 300 dollars.

Machine: Toshiba A505-S6986, custom built computer, Old HP desktop,