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Name: Brian Donohue

Location: Albany, US

Occupation: tech writer

Member Since: December 17, 2005


A little about me

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Short Bio: Wordsmith, Counselor, Teacher, Geek. So: who am I? Like you, a work in progress; a cosmic experiment; undefined. But for those who prefer more conventional handles upon identity, here is a list of some things I do, practice, love, and occasionally know: Meditation teacher: I have worked with individuals and groups; and written a good deal on this broadly-misunderstood practice. I Ching advisor and counselor. I’ve worked for decades with the 5,000 year old Chinese oracle and have studied with Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog of the I Ching Institute. A brief summary of how I approach the I Ching. Wordsmith: Editor of two print books and an abundance of online and corporate content. Author of four books, two currently in print, including The Tao of Potter. Psychotherapeutic Counselor: I have worked with depressed people, anxious people, and people undergoing major life changes, challenges, and crises. I have an M.A. degree from Long Island University in clinical psychology, and have worked in private practice as a therapist with a loosely Jungian perspective. My approach here is to open a safe space in which clients can freely explore and separate from the addictive and co-dependent aspects of modern culture, through the dispersion of self-images, emotional dogma, and institutional affiliation. Technologist. I’m not really a geek — though many would perceive me as exactly that (the term geek is actually an honorific for those who write code, program and administer systems, and otherwise manage the growth and health of technology’s “inner body”). But I have worked in Tech for many years as a tech writer, tester, manager, Business Analyst, content management specialist, and all-around “techno-therapist.”

Tech Interests: Digital Cameras, Tablets, Laptops, Software and Apps, How to Tech, Apple news and products, Microsoft news and products, Google news and products, Deals, Latest tech news

Os: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Machine: Win PC and Mac OS X, experience with Linux. I would appear stereotypically old to most (no smartphone, no tablet, no texting); but I've worked in tech too long to lust after every Next Big Thing out there. I can remember when I first saw email back in the 1980's and said, "wow, this will revive the lost art of letter-writing!" Seriously, I really believed that. For a while. My best defense of myself on that point: it was a learning experience -- that is to say, I really learned something from that naivete. I would encourage the addicts of the handheld world to discover a similar openness to experience.