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    Short Bio: Former,vet,machinist,dad,diver.Currently Chairman for a Veteran Service Organization. Remarried in May #3. I have 4 laptops and like tinkering with all of them. I ride bike/motorcycle and play in the surf. I like racquet sports and golf. I work out 4 times a week. After my stint with the group we plan to travel. Went to England and Scotland last summer thru wife's work as college professor.

    Tech Interests: Laptops, Car Tech, Home theater and audio, How to Tech, Microsoft news and products, Latest tech news

    Os: Windows, Android

    Machine: 1st 06' Compaq V6000 CTO upgraded CPU, memory and SSD. 2nd HP Pavilion dv5, replaced MB upped the ram to 3gigs, SSD. 3rd. HP Split 13 X-2, 4th Acer Aspire One Netbook, upped memory and SSD. I smoke tested the V6000 last week. Didn't know what smoked but the power wire to the board was blackened. Replaced the power board and MB. Tried it again and discovered where the smoke was emanating from the hinge area. Ordered a replacement LCD cable and installed it. Waiting for the correct 65W power board. The one they sent was for a 90W and interfered with proper reassembly. Plan on getting a DVD burner for it too. I fix machines for folks if I can get the disassemble and repair manual downloaded. HP offers those at no cost. Other brands not so much, if at all. I'll try a Linux distro on the netbook. It has 10 on it now. Always slow maybe that will speed it up.