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Short Bio: I am addicted to tech. I love gizmos and gadgets and I am generally speaking an early adopter of what ever's new. Comfortable on both PCs and Mac (as everyone should be) and dislike the "haters" of either camp who criticize without really having a clear idea of what both camps really offer and what they each do well. I own several Macs (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and a Mac Mini) and several other Apple devices (ATV 2, iPhone 4, Magic TrackPad, Magic Mouse, Apple Airport Extreme) but I'm usually the first to criticize whatever shortcomings might be coming out of Cupertino though I generally believe that they do make relatively great products. I like to anticipate the direction of technology, always thinking ahead of what might/could be. I'm really optimistic for what will come. Really interested in future advances in the automotive sector (powertrain, cabin tech, etc), computers (I can't wait until every home has a IBM Watson of its own), portable communications devices (I remember being 16 and buying my first Palm Pilot and looking back, thinking of all the advances that have been made), etc

Machine: MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini