Winamp for Android review:

Adequate, not outstanding

One thing that's unique about the Winamp music player is its integrated Shoutcast Radio, which lets you listen to Internet radio stations streaming live. Compared with dedicated streaming radio apps like iHeartRadio and TuneInRadio, Winamp offers few stations to choose from. However, the feature is still a nice addition that presents alternative listening options.

One of Winamp's biggest features is its Wi-Fi sync, which makes it possible to push content from your PC (with Winamp installed) to your Android device, using a common Wi-Fi connection. I found the process of syncing music between PC and mobile device to be simple to figure out, but not always reliable. On more than one occasion, the process froze due to an interrupted connection. This wouldn't have been so bad, if the sync had resumed automatically upon reconnecting, but unfortunately, Winamp did no such thing. This made syncing a tedious process. Also, when transferring individual albums, I saw that several incomplete tracks had made their way onto my mobile device. When I tried to resend the albums, bunches of duplicate files were created.

While it did have trouble syncing files with my PC, Winamp did well with songs that were already locally stored on my Android device. It offered a simple navigation scheme, and I liked that it incorporated thumbnails of album art into menus.

It's worth noting that there are a few different ways to add premium features to Winamp via in-app purchases. For $2.99, you can add lyrics. Similar to SoundHound's feature, this Winamp add-on scrolls through lyrics in real time, as the song is playing. The album washer feature costs $3.99 and is meant to keep your collection whole by updating tags and adding missing album artwork. Finally, the Winamp Pro bundle costs $4.99 and gives you a handful of new features including a 10-band graphic equalizer and crossfading and gapless playback capabilities.

In sum, Winamp is a solid, albeit unattractive app that is just fine for basic music playback. It has Shoutcast radio built in, which is nice, and a Wi-Fi sync feature that would be a huge selling point if it were better designed and more reliable. Other than these, it doesn't really have any bells or whistles to speak of.

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