Wi-Ex zBoost

The Good The Wi-Ex zBoost YX510-PCS-CEL significantly boosts your cell phone reception and is easy to operate. Also, it uses a wireless connection to your phone.

The Bad The Wi-Ex zBoost YX510-PCS-CEL comes with a load of restrictions regarding placement of its various parts.

The Bottom Line Though the Wi-Ex zBoost YX510-PCS-CEL cell phone signal booster may take some time to set up, it offers exceptional performance.

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Wi-Ex zBoost

Wi-Ex YX510-PCS-CEL cell phone signal extender

One of the greatest pitfalls to bedevil a cell phone is a weak signal in your home or office. Not only is it a pain to have dropped calls when you're trading the dish with your best friend, but it also pretty much negates the point of having a mobile phone if you can only make calls near your front window. But in the past couple of years, a variety of companies have identified the need for a real cell phone signal-booster. Unlike the foil decals you see in SkyMall, signal boosters like the Wi-Ex zBoost YX510-PCS-CEL cell phone signal extender actually improve your cell phone's reception by significant levels. And, unlike the previous two products we've reviewed, Wilson Electronics SignalBoost and the Arc Freedom Antenna, the zBoost uses a wireless connection to your phone. On the whole, it's one of our top choices for a cell phone signal booster, though it is expensive at $399. Just make sure it works with your phone before you commit.

While the Arc Freedom Antenna looks like a loudspeaker from the starship Enterprise, the zBoost has a more inspiring design (at least as signal boosters go). With a prominent pair of antenna and its flashing lights, it certainly looks like it has the potential to do something useful. The zBoost's main component is a squat rectangular base unit, which looks a little like an answering machine. Measuring 6 inches long by 4.5 inches wide by 1.75 inches thick and weighing a slight 10.88 ounces, the base fits easily on a small shelf, while the white-and-gray color scheme is relatively unobtrusive. Three indicator lights sit on top of the device, while ports for the base antenna, the coaxial cable, and the power cord are on either end.

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  • Brand Wireless Extenders Inc.
  • CE Product Type cellular phone antenna signal amplifier
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model Wi-Ex zBoost XY500-CEL cell phone signal extender

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