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Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II review:

Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II

The My Book Studio Edition II performed well in our testing.

In tests with eSATA the drive registered 98.8MBps for writing and 109.2MBps for reading. These numbers were very fast and close to those of a typical USB 3.0 external hard drive. In USB 2.0 tests, it scored 26.5MBps and 46.1MBps for writing and reading, respectively, slightly higher than the average among USB 2.0 drives.

In FireWire 400 test, the drive scored 20.2MBps for writing and 42.6MBps for reading, again, about the average, which met our expectations. We didn't test the drive with FireWire 800 as our test machine wasn't equipped with this type of connection.

Other than the sleep mode issue mentioned above, the drive worked well in our tests. It seemed hot, however, after being used for an extended amount of time.

CNET Labs external hard drive performance scores (in MBps)
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
WD My Book Studio Edition II (eSATA)
WD My Book Studio Edition II (FireWire)
WD My Book Studio Edition II (USB 2.0)
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Service and support
The length of the warranty is the most important thing for storage devices, and Western Digital delivers. The company backs the My Book Studio Edition II with a generous five-year warranty. At the company's Web site, you'll find a section dedicated to the drive where you can find all you need in terms of support.

The My Book Studio Edition II makes an affordable backup and storage solution for both Macs and PCs. Its intermittently and seemingly buggy firmware and lack of support for USB 3.0, however, make it less of an ideal home direct-attached storage device.

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