Voyager Q review:

Voyager Q

We tested the Voyager Q with a 500GB high-speed Seagate hard drive, via all of its connections, and saw impressive scores. The device was consistently faster than most external hard drives we've reviewed.

The eSATA connection, for example, gave us 426.32Mbps for the read test and 340.32Mbps for the write test. For comparison the Seagate FreeAgent Xtreme, one of our fastest eSATA external hard drives, ran at 439.52Mbps for the write test and 336.82Mbps for the read test. These scores are about the same as those you get from internal hard drives. This means you could potentially install the operating system on the external hard drive without compromising its performance.

The Voyager also did very well with the other connections, except for the FireWire 800, which wasn't faster than the FireWire 400. However, we blame this on Windows XP, which we used for our test operation system, rather than on the Voyager because Windows XP has been known to not support the FireWire 800 connection very well. We suspect that performance on a Mac OS would be better.

Portable hard drive read/write tests (in Mbps)
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
Voyager Q (eSATA)
Voyager Q (FireWire 400)
Voyager Q (FireWire 800)
Voyager Q (USB 2.0)
WDC Mybook Mirror (USB 2.0)

Thanks to its fanless design, the Voyager Q also performed quietly and stayed cool during the testing process.

Service and support
We don't think you'll need much support for the Voyager Q, but NewerTech backs the device with a one-year warranty. Beyond that its support is rather scant. Its Web site offers just a PDF version of the manual and a Web form to e-mail its technical support. The tech-support phone number is also listed on the site; however, it's very hard to find and it's unclear about what hours it is available. If you want customer support, NewerTech will direct you to Other World Computing, which is a retailer that sells the product.

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